A Curated List of Docker Extensions

A Curated List of Docker Extensions

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Docker Extensions lets you use third-party tools within Docker Desktop to extend its functionality.

Why Developers need Docker Extension?

  • Extensions allows developers to seamlessly connect their favorite development tools to your application development and deployment workflows
  • Extension augments Docker Desktop with debugging, testing, security, and networking functionalities, and build custom add-ons using the Extensions SDK
  • Extensions open a realm of possibilities for developers by adding a variety of tools to your development workflows
  • Developers can now leverage their favorite tools directly from within Docker Desktop with one-click installation of extensions
  • Developers can now discover new ways to implement and optimize workflows in the Marketplace with extensions from both official Extension partners and community members

Refer to this official link to learn more about Docker Extensions.

Here is a list of Docker extensions curated by the Collabnix community members:

Table of Contents

  1. Utilities
  2. Container Management and Orchestration
  3. Networking
  4. Database
  5. Security
  6. Logging
  7. Gaming
  8. Testing
  9. Infrastructure
  10. API


docker/disk-usage-extension - View disk space used by Docker and what it's used for. Reclaim disk space in one click
rumpl/docker-extension-golang-playground - Golang playground in Docker Desktop
noelm/swagger-editor-extension - Swagger Editor Docker Extension for Docker Desktop
peacecwz/github-registry-docker-desktop-extension - Docker Extension for Github Registry
caretdev/docker-intersystems-extension - View Docker Images from Intersystems Docker Extension
cedricziel/dd-extension-lgtm - OpenTelemetry enabled Grafana LGTM stack
felipecruz91/vackup-docker-extension - Backup and Restore Docker Volumes
efejjota/counter-extension - Counter extension Showcasing data persistency, backend commands, vanilla JS UI and Docker multistage builds

Container Management and Orchestration

Lens Extension by Mirantis for Kubernetes- developers can now conveniently access Kubernetes clusters in seconds within their familiar Docker Desktop environment
Ambassador Labs Telepresence - Develop and test your Docker containers with Kubernetes
AVENTER-UG/docker-mesos-extension - Apache Mesos Extension for Docker Desktop
vmware/vmware-tanzu-community-edition-extension-for-docker-desktop - VMware Tanzu Community Edition Extension for Docker Desktop
portainer/portainer-docker-extension:2.13.1 - Docker container management made simple, with the world’s most popular GUI-based container management platform
OpenShift Docker Extension - OpenShift Extension for Docker desktop
splatform/epinio-docker-desktop - The Application Development Engine for Kubernetes
meshery/docker-extension-meshery - Extends Docker Desktop’s position as the cloud native developer’s go-to Kubernetes environment with easy access to the next layer of cloud native infrastructure: service meshes


tailscale/docker-extension - Docker Desktop extension adding Tailscale networking


PGAdmin4 extension for Docker Desktop - PostgreSQL Admin Docker Extension
OracleXE 21c Docker Extension - Docker Extension for using OracleXE 21c


snyk/snyk-docker-desktop-extension - Docker Extension for running Snyk scan on images
slimdotai/dd-ext - Slim.AI Docker Extension
jfrog/jfrog-docker-desktop-extension - 🐸 Scans any of your local Docker images for security vulnerabilities 🐋
aquasecurity/trivy-docker-extension - Docker Extension for Trivy
l6khq/lacework-docker-extension - Docker Image Scanner


docker/logs-explorer-extension - View all your container logs in one place so you can debug and troubleshoot faster


Flappy Dock - A forked copy of nebez/floppybird


uffizzi/docker-desktop-extension - Lets you create and manage full-stack previews in the cloud using a Docker Compose file


spurin/diveintoansible-extension - Let's you create Ansible Lab Environment with an Ansible control node


loopDelicious/docker-extension - Postman collection run
microcks/microcks-docker-desktop-extension - Kubernetes native tool for mocking and testing API and microservices

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